Today, we very excitedly unpacked books for the youth in-custody at Nidorf. All these books were purchased using funds from our UCLA Community Activities Committee grant. 
First year MLIS students, we are in need of a Treasurer and some co-chairs. This is a great opportunity to get some volunteer work while also adding to your resume. Also, all work with BBB can count toward your required service learning in IS 201 in the Spring. Start thinking ahead. We'd love to have you.
Join us Monday October 29th as we listen to Jeanie Austin discuss the literacy rights of incarcerated youth. The event will take place in the GSEIS Student Commons from 12:30-1:30. Refreshments will be served.
UPDATE: We had a great time with Jeanie, here is a picture of members of Books Beyond Bars and Young Adult and Children's Services (YACS) after her talk. 

We're exited to announce that Books Beyond Bars has partnered with The Horn Press @ UCLA to alter hardcover books in order to make them accessible to the youth at Nidorf! 

This not only gives our two student groups a great chance to collaborate, but will make more book options available to the youth detained at juvenile. For example, Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games is available in paperback, but her sequels Catching Fire and Mockingjay are still only available in hardback. By converting these books, we'lll now be able to offer the entire series! 

We'll also be working to sew magazines and comic books by machine and by hand. This will allow us to remove to staples that are not allowed into the facility, and also ensure that these materials remain intact. 
This process is simple, and we're inviting others to join us! We meet weekly on Tuesdays at noon in the IS Commons! Light refreshments will be provided!
And why aren't hardcover books and staples allowed in juvenile hall? Hardcover books are not allowed due to safety and smuggling concerns. Staples are not allowed due to safety concerns. Safety concerns refer to both harm to self and others. 
We are pleased to share with you the results from our annual holiday book drive! Thanks to our donors, we received over fifty copies of popular and frequently requested books! Check out some of the results!

Results from our 2011-2012 Holiday Book Drive
Thank you to everyone who donated or shared this unique donation opportunity with friends, families and colleagues. The feeling of sharing these brand new books with detained youth is almost indescribable, but we hope to soon bring you some stories from volunteers.

We did run into a small issue this year. Amazon has changed their privacy policy so that we do not have information in regards to who donated to our book drive. If you received an inquiry from Amazon regarding your donation, please contact us directly by email: ucla.booksbeyondbars [at]!

Also, it's never too late to donate! Our Amazon wish list will still be posted and updated throughout the year.

Thanks again everyone!

This holiday season, Books Beyond Bars is having a book drive! 

For more than five years now, students and faculty at UCLA worked with the Los Angeles Probation Department and the Department of Mental Health to bring reading materials into the Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall located in Sylmar, California. 

With little resources available to these youth both inside and outside of the probation system, these books mean a great deal. We believe that these books serve many purposes, including building reading skills, cultivating reading for pleasure and reducing recidivism. 

We are often told by the youth that they finish reading their first book in juvenile hall. We work to learn about their interests and bring in materials that reflect those interests. Nothing quite describes the feeling of providing a brand new copy of a coveted book title to a youth under these circumstances. We invite you to be a part of that.

Our efforts rely heavily on the support of like minded people in the community. We hope you will choose to help out during this holiday season and bring books and opportunities to detained youth. We also encourage you to share this giving opportunity with others. 

To donate, please select titles from our Amazon Wish List:

Happy holidays!

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